Technology Consulting

Our firm has been deeply committed to technology ever since the release of the original IBM PC in 1981. (Bob Jr. does wish he would have used the money from his first personal Dell computer purchase in the early 80's, $2,800 at the time, to buy Dell stock. At the height of the market in the year 2000, the $2,800 would have been worth about $1,400,000.)

We have developed knowledge and expertise in virtual machine use, document storage systems, data backup, digital workflow, digital services for our clients (including client portals and web-based delivery of our services), video conferencing, Team Viewer, and many other technologies.

We developed and implemented our own less-paper document management system in the year 2000 and have been working with Thomson Reuters File Cabinet for several years.

Our clients receive the benefit of our strong commitment to technology in providing our services and we also provide limited technology consulting services. Bob Jr. and Tim McCall oversee technology for our firm.