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Marple & Marple Inc., P.S. sold to PorterKinney PC

The CPA firm of Marple & Marple was recently sold to PorterKinney. All of Marple & Marple employees will be continuing with PorterKinney and the existing office location of Marple & Marple will be retained. In addition, PorterKinney does not anticipate making many initial changes.

The founder of Marple & Marple, Robert E. Marple, will continue to work for PorterKinney PC along with all other Marple & Marple employees.

CPA sons Steven J. Marple and Robert D. Marple along with CPAs Kent Toyoda and Rosalie Willers will also continue with PorterKinney.

Firm owners of Marple and Marple are excited about their sale to PorterKinney and believe the buyers will be a good steward to their company which was formed more than 40 years ago by Robert E. Marple.

PorterKinney is based in Richland Washington and will keep both their office in Richland along with their new Kennewick office (old office location of Marple & Marple).

PorterKinney is owned by Chris Porter and Walter Kinney. The CPA firm dates back to 2006 when Chris founded the firm, with Walter joining in June of 2014. Additional information about PorterKinney can be found on their company website www.porterkinney.com.

PorterKinney is a full service accounting CPA firm providing tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and a variety of consulting services.

Marple & Marple Inc., P.S. sold to PorterKinney PC

From Left to right, Walter Kinney, Chris Porter, Steve Marple, Robert Marple