Estate & Trust Services

Marple & Marple has a significant amount of experience with estates and trusts. Robert E. Marple has over 60 years of experience and Robert D. Marple has over 35 years of experience. These CPA’s provide the majority of our firm’s estate and trust services.

We currently provide estate tax planning, state estate tax return preparation, estate income tax return preparation, gift tax return preparation, trust tax return preparation, life insurance trust services, among other services.

It is a difficult process to sort and work through all of the issues that come up with trusts and estates. We provide client handouts to assist our clients with their tasks and to help make it easier to understand the basics of the services we will provide.

If there is a death creating the need to seek estate or trust services, we recognize an individual may be grieving the loss of a loved one. We care about our clients and make a special effort to provide all of our services with compassion. We also understand the complexity of estate and trust tax laws and strive to provide the best services possible.

Our firm works with a number of attorneys in the Tri-City area in providing our estate and trust services and we continually work to improve our working relationships and the services we offer.